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Hello everyone,

What's up? We've got lots of new members, and it's thanks to you that our group's gallery is constantly growing.
A special thank you to my fellow admin :iconnajikasun:, and our duo of contributers, :iconiamafishy::iconmeghansills: - and as of recently,

In order to make sure each artist here has the ability to thrive and offer advice to each other, I came up with a fantastic plan! (I think.) However, I'll require your assistance.

Here's the plan: please send a note to my DA account ( with the following information:

Level of skill in writing: Are you a beginner? A pro? A hobbyist?

Specialty: Fan fiction, poetry, fantasy, suspense, one-shots, series... Whatever you specialize in, just state so! :)

Interests/Things you wanna learn: Self explanatory.

Willing to offer advice to others: Yes/No

This project is strictly voluntary! :D I'll post this information on the blog, and if requested, can direct you to another writer you might be interested in. If, for whatever reason, you send the information in but don't want it to be posted, just say so.

If there's anything else you wanna say in the note, go riiight ahead.

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Submitted on
March 12, 2012